Transit Mixers

Transit Mixer is a strong well - designed piece of equipment meant for transporting concrete / mortar from concrete batching plant directly to the place where it is to be poured. It has a wide range of application specially for mass concreting works like Construction of Canals, Bridges, Highways, Dams, Multistoried & Industrial Buildings, Factories, Airports and for Ready Mixed Concrete Works (R.M.C.), etc.

Transit Mixer is a fully hydrostatic mounted on truck chassis. Hydrostatic power is transmitted by a high pressure axial piston type pump and motor, which permits infinite varying drum speed from 0 to 14 rpm in both directions. The control of pump for varying the flow is made by a push pull cable system, placed at discharge end. The pump gives flow to a high pressure hydraulic motor, which rotates the mixer drum through an epicyclical gear reducer. The mixer drum has double spiral type mixing blade inside it which ensures efficient mixing without segregation & smooth flow of concrete while discharging. The mixer drum & spiral are made from highly durable steel.






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